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  • Injury Claims No Win No Fee is the UK's leading Compensation company. We have national expertise in claims arising out of car accident claims, WORK ACCIDENTS, ACCIDENTS on THE STREET or in PUBLIC PLACES.
  • We pay our clients £Millions every year in Compensation.
  • Have you suffered injury in an accident? Are you seeking to claim accident compensation? Contact Injury Claims No Win No Fee, UK's leading compensation company. The range of our expertise extends to claims arising from all kinds of personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, accidents at the workplace, and accidents on the street and in public places. What's more, our services are completely free of risk. That is because our personal injury lawyers handle cases strictly on a "no win, no fee" basis. This way you get to keep the full compensation amount that you have won, without any deductions.

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Sure Tips for Filing Accident Claims Fairly and Smartly
No insurance company is keen to pay you quickly, with the maximum compensation you deserve. Smartly follow all the procedures, get a good attorney to help you with your accident claim case, you will have a good chance of winning your case and getting your just dues.

Four Helpful Tips to File an Accident Compensation Claim
If you are injured in a road accident, you can claim compensation as damages for the suffering caused to you. Here are four tips to help you file your accident compensation claim in UK.

The 4-Step Guide To Winning A Medical Malpractice Claim
Any injury caused to a patient as a direct result of the neglect or incompetence on the doctor's part is termed medical malpractice. If you are a victim of medical malpractice, read a four-step guide to help you file a winning medical malpractice claim.

3 Don'ts after a Car Accident
A car accident is one of the most common accidents you can encounter. If you are a victim of a car accident, here is a list of precautions to ensure that you get the insurance benefits you deserve.

Simple Tips to Make Auto Accident Insurance Claims Easier
Filing auto accident insurance claims is quite tedious. Find simple tips that make your auto accident insurance claims easier in uk.

Car Accident - Common Mistakes People Make
Knowing what to do and what to avoid after a car accident can maximize your chances of getting full compensation. Find list of things you should keep in mind after car accident in UK.

5 Important Criteria That Make Up a Personal Injury Claim Calculator
If you have suffered in an accident, you can recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim. What you need is a personal injury claim calculator, or a system to help you compute the right amount for which you should file your claim.

Five Accident Claim Mistakes That Insurance Companies Want You to Make
Nobody said that processing accident claim forms was easy. It requires many hours of tedious paperwork. The process can drag on for months or years.

Your Accident Compensation Guide
In today's fast moving world where time is always a crunch, accidents are inevitable. In over crowded metros where a number of transportation options are available people are more likely to be involved in an accident. Accident compensation aims to award monetary compensation to the injured party in order to ensure that the victim is able to become 'whole' again.

A Do-It-Yourself Whiplash Claim Calculator Guide
To calculate your compensation amount, you do not need a solicitor (though you need one to help you file a claim). Use this easy whiplash claim calculator to know how to do that.

Discuss Auto Accident Personal Injury Settlements
Are you considering claiming compensation for your injuries but are worried that it may involve a tedious court battle? In that case, you have nothing to worry. Here are five tips to help you in your first discussions with the insurance company when they contact you for a auto accident personal injury settlement.

Accident Claim Guide - Five Top Rules to Follow
Accidents are something we all fear. It's not only the worry about being hurt, and losing your ability to work and play as you did before. It's about the feeling that someone else can cause you harm, through their negligence or stupidity.

How to Calculate Your Personal Injury Claim
Calculating your personal injury claim worth is not very difficult. The secret is to know how much your claim is actually worth and stick to it if the insurance company tries to make you settle for a lesser amount. Here are the different types of damages you can claim compensation for.

Personal Injury Compensation Claim, Significant Factors to Determine Claims
Compensation claim money is not paid out randomly, despite how it appears to laypeople. Insurance companies calculate the compensation claim using complicated formula. Here are the essential factors determining your personal injury compensation claim.

4 Noteworthy Tips for Successful Personal Injury Settlement
Most people are wary of dealing with insurance companies because they do not understand the negotiation process involved in a personal injury settlement. Read the key points for successful personal injury settlement.

Personal Injury Claims - Common Misconceptions and Real Concepts
If you have suffered injuries or losses because of another person's mistake, you have every right to claim compensation. Here are the five most common myths regarding personal injury claims.

Successful Medical Negligence Claim - 4 Crucial Steps to Follow
If you feel you are a victim of medical negligence, it is your legal right to seek restitution in the form of compensation. Here are the essential steps for a successful medical negligence claim in UK.